Elie Hazak Bronzes depicting Western Art Themes.
Harold G. Davidson, author of "Edward Borein, Cowboy Artist" and noted art critic says of Elie Hazak's work:

"This young sculptor possesses two of what I consider to be hallmarks of future greatness. First he has the priceless ingredient, enthusiasm. Secondly, he is a prolific artist, usually a sign of competency by an artist in his craft. Hazak's bronzes are exciting, full of action, and show the result of careful research into his subject matter, although I have never subscribed to the cult of 'authenticity,' feeling as I do that spirit, anatomy and modeling are fully as important as leather and hardware. Elie Hazak has found a happy balance of both philosophies. He has reached an important milestone in the development of artistic perception, and is mature enough to distinguish between valid criticism and mere envy. Elie should go far in his chosen field."

Mario Andretti by Elie Hazak Bronze Trophy .

CART selected Hazak to produce the Mario Andretti Trophy in an effort to offer a unique approach to creating trophies as well as a gesture of gratitude to the racing legend who lent his name to it. CART worked with Andretti to allow him the rare opportunity to select one of his favorite artists and then provide major input into the trophy's creation as a valued piece of bronze sculptured art. "By commissioning one of Mario's favorite artists and then having Mario Andretti discuss his career and his passion for the sport with Elie Hazak, this creation of fine art will carry significant meaning for all those involved"- said CART president and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Craig.

Elie Hazak Bronze Trophy.
Andretti was introduced to Hazak's work at a Scottsdale, Arizona gallery that featured the artist's bronze sculptures that depict vivid scenes of Indians, cowboys and mountain men. The detail and intellect of Hazak's creations immediately impressed him. "They were not like anything I had seen before - and I've been around. His work is not cold bronze, but bronze with emotion. Elie's bronze is alive,"-said Mario Andretti. Although Hazak does not normally produce trophies, he was enthralled by the opportunity to create a trophy in the honor of an auto racing legend. In addition to the Mario Andretti Trophy, he also has been commissioned to create the individual trophies for the four other CART All-Star Team members. The Mario Andretti Trophy is a 38-inch tall; 95-pound blend of bronze, marble and walnut that represents Andretti's years in racing with a globe, an olive tree and replicas of the various types of cars Andretti has driven.